Equipment ADD

The equipment is designed for all kinds of clearing and deicing when the high-speeed gas stream supplied by a convenient generator is used.

Basic information

The many years of practical use of similar equipments, manufactured already before, has demonstrated several advantages particularly in the removal of impurites from inaccessible places, in the de-icing and drying of the railway points, in a perfect removal of snow barriers from runway borders, in re-cleaning of the runway edge-lights, as well as in other purposes which can occur in airports operation. The ADD equipment includes all operational experiences and enables a very broad, versatile use, along with a simple mantenance and cost requirements.

The ADD equipment is designed as an entirely independent unit which can be coupled in several minutes with the front part of a carrying vehicle disposing of a support with a minimum bearing capacity of 750 kg, most suitable being a standard three/point suspensions of tractors, or some other carrying systems with a suspension plate DIN 61060, such as, e. g., UNIMOG vehicles. The ADD equipment design enables also a quick match to the fork parts for its handling, therefore any kind of fastening is not neccessary.

The coupling with a carrying vehicle is performed by one cable connected to the control box situated on any place accessible to the operator. This box is locked in a special case fixed to the equipment when the same is out of service.

All functions of the ADD equipment have their own energy supplies.

Basic technical data:

gas volume 1,4 - 2,56 kg/s
effective reach of the gas stream 10 - 12 m
fuel consumption average 56 - 105 l/hour
fuelany kind of kerosine, including drained one