ADE 2 in action

Airport clearing equipment

using an effect of gas stream - General information

We have the pleasure to inform you about multipurpose device for airport, rails and industrial cleaning. The equipment uses the cleaning and drying effect of a directed gas stream, generated by a jet engine. Although the principle has been known for many years, our multipurpose cleaning equipment is the result of more than ten years service experience and consecutive, continuing development.

The current multipurpose cleaning equipment is suitable for clearing primarily airport surfaces, runways, heliports, as well as railways from sand, small stones, debris and foreign objects.

The multipurpose cleaning equipment can be mounted to any heavy-duty truck, equipped by standard DIN 76060 hinge, adapted to other hinge standard or fixed to railway wagon.

Three different pieces of equipment, differing in stream power, are being offered to potential customers: ADD, ADE and ADE2.