Equipment ADE 2

The cleaning equipment ADE 2

The equipment ADE 2 is designed fo quick and effective cleaning of large areas.

Cleaning equipment removes reliable mechanical impurities and dirt - soil, sand, construction material, loose asphalt pading of construction joint and other particles.

general info & basic technical data

The equipment ADE 2 is designed for quick and effective cleaning and removing of a big and heavy dirt from large areas, especially runways and taxi ways.

Two M 701 jet engines are basic functioning items of the equipment. They are mounted on the reinforced beams ended with the mechanism making their turning up tp 155o in the horizontal level and inclination up to 15o in the vertical level possible so that gas streams are working in one direction or they working independently in any direction inside the scale of above mentioned angles.

The arrangement of engines attached on the shoulders and directing of gas stream makes fast and effective cleaning of wide area in front of carrying vehicle.

The beams bearing the engines are shifted by hydraulic cylinders up to the extension of 4400 mm, thus enabling to select their possition , as well as their minimal total width below six meters to pass through easy by internal ways and to park the equipment smooth.

Device is equipped with its own undercarriage. It exclude extreme loading of the front axle of carrying vehicle. Middle part of the carrying construction is connected by pushing wehicle by four longitudial shouldersw and one transversal strut. The suspension allows to level high differences between device and pushing vehicle up to 400 mm.

The suspension plate is exchangeable in accordance with the type of suspension on the carrying vehicle.

Fuel tank of choosen volume is fixed detachably on the vehicle platform. The engine control is remote. Control box is placed in driver cabin. It is connected with the engine by electrical wires.

The undercarriage quarantees minimum space between the engines and ground 280 mm in basic working position and it is equipped cushioning.

The engines are protected against a damage by protecting cowling and by sieve on the engine inlet

The turning and inclination of the engines and extensing of the beams with the engines is operated by hydraulic.

The preparation for use consists of:

  • the approach of carrying vehicle to the suspension and its attachment by two pins
  • placing of the fuel tank on the vehicle
  • connecting fuel tank with ADE - 2 by fuel flexible hose
  • placing of the control box inside driver cabin and connecting the electrical cable
  • connecting of hydraulic control hoses

Quick cleaning of the strip from 12 to 18 meters wide by parallel acting of both gas streams

Maximum working speed depends on character of dirt and can achieve up to 50 km/hour on flat surfeces