The concept of using a jet stream was proposed in the 1950s for multiple industrial uses.

Mr. Jaroslav Kubat, former WALTER / MOTORLET designer, has worked on industrial projects using jet engines since 1965...

A private project was founded in 1999 based on the long term experience of Mr. Jaroslav Kubat, which started in the 1960s.

Mr. Kubat created a design office named “Construction of Machines with mechanical Drive” to engage in the design and manufacture of devices to clean using jet streams.

ADD, ADE and ADE 2 are developed, assembled, tested, modified, sold and released to service...

All component equipment is obtained with full trade licensing.

Jaroslav Kubat
Miksovskeho 15/817
158 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

"Stavba stroju s mechanickym pohonem"

"Construction of machines with mechanical drive"

Registered OUMC Praha 5, No: ZO/0001932/99/Pr

"Intelligent Power Machines" - IPM mediates and provides marketing, sale and product support of ADD, ADE and ADE 2 from 2006...

Celebration of 500's L-29 "Dolphin" handover, using M-701 engine (the same as the ADE/ADE 2). Picture shows Mr. Jaroslav Kubat, ADE/ADE 2 chief designer.